D type mouth aperture size

Hi guys, redoing the mouth area on a d bonnet and have taken a mouth moulding from a S1 etype bonnet.
I need to reduce the size but need the vertical and horizontal centre internal measurements.
Unable to source this info to date.
Grateful for any info,
Regards, Kev.

What type of D? Long or short nose?

Long nose, measurement needed.

Mine is 250 miles away. However, using enlarged photo print-outs you could presumably use a mark-up caliper or similar to measure a visible headlamp lens. Then use that datum (for which you know the actual diameter) to decide how many ‘headlamps’ deep and wide the aperture is and convert back into your choic of unit used the measure an actual lamp. Ditto external indicator lamps if fitted, since even at an angle the diameter should be visible in one plane.

Sure is one way to do it.

Even then, you’d have to choose because the cars are all slightly different by now. I’m guessing you’ll only get one or two measurements aand they may vary, so if you’re in a hurry you might as well try using clear book images or pix from the www.xkedata.com sub-site for D types

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Thanks will do mgcjag

For anyone interested, I went with
21x7 (inches)

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