D Type Short nose project on Ebay

β€œIs mainly used for car shows.”

Soooo many possible lines, soooo early in the morning.


Just what you need, Jon, another project! :smile:


Me too! :smiley:

Thank God it’s in CA, USA. If it would be in Europe (EU) and have the right paperwork I would be very tempted.


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Funny Tim, I was thinking of that for you!

A good friend was top bidder but I told him to run, not walk, away. Two pieces of floppy mismatched short nose fiberglass skin do not a D-Type make.

The wheels are not D-type, the transmissions are not E-type, the stuff would be worth maybe 10K for parting out if you had the room to store it all in the meantime. Better to buy a Realm chassis for similar money and start from there.

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