[DaimLan] Daimler 2.5 V8 - Autobox "recommission" Query

Hello -

I am getting close to starting the engine on my Daimler. (’‘next
week’’ - as always !)

My query -
Never recommissioned an auto-classic before (our P6 was
purchased ‘‘running’’).
Before firing the engine - any tips for the gearbox ?

Laid up now for 20 months, the engine has not been fired at all in
that time (heated garage at least).

I have new transmission fluid (B/W compatable !).

Should I replace BEFORE firing ?
Or should I run for a while with the old fluid to ‘‘clear out’’ ?

When getting our A60 running - (manual box) - I drained the oil,
replaced, ran until hot and then replaced again to help clear out
any ‘‘bits’’ (and it worked well) but that was happy with 20 / 50 and
obviously quite different to an auto box.

Instinct says to replace first - but I would be tempted to replace
again after running for a while - is that wise or wasting my money ?

Anything else I should do - gearboxwise - before running ?

Any tips - as ever - greatly appreciated !

Some of the advice over the last 18 months has proved
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