[DaimLan] Daimler 2.5 V8: RHD to LHD

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Hi, I’m in the process of converting my 1963 car from RHD to

Does anyone happen to have pics of the (auto) gear linkage
underneath the dash and the connection to the gearbox?

I believe that it should be straight forward to connect the
control wire to the other side of the gearbox (from left to
right) and rotate the control lever by 180 degrees, but
there appears to be no hole for the cable on this side.

I would also be interested in some linkage parts if anyone
has something for same:

  • Throttle pedal / linkage
  • Brake pedal (auto). The RHD pedal lever seems to be angled
    the wrong way (towards the throttle pedal). From pictures
    LHD cars seems to have to levers (or a double lever).
    Alternatively I assume that the brake master cylinder and
    pedal can be moved to the empty clutch position.
  • Handbrake fixing brackets

Bergen, Norway
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