[DaimLan] Fw: JDHT Enquiry from Mr Steve Campbell-Wright

Dear Listers,

Below is the response from Julie Simpson to my enquiry of JDHT regarding
Daimler records. It doesn’t help me a lot unfortunately, however, it looks
like very good news for some.
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From: Simpson, Julie (J.A.) jsimps16@jaguar.com
To: ‘@Steve_Campbell-Wrigh’ <@Steve_Campbell-Wrigh>
Date: Monday, 26 March 2001 18:43
Subject: RE: JDHT Enquiry from Mr Steve Campbell-Wright

Dear Mr Campbell-Wright,

Thank you for your enquiry, I regret if a previous enquiry was not replied

We have fairly detailed records of Daimler cars from approximately 1953
onwards, for practical purposes from the start of the Conquest model range.
Since I notice that you are the pre-war registrar, presumably this will not
be of great interest to you. The only records we have for individual
pre-war cars are from 1932 onwards (start of the 15hp model range but also
of other models) and simply give a date, there is no other information.

An enquiry for full details of a particular Daimler from 1953 onwards from
the chassis number will cost �30, even if a certificate is not required by
the client. If you simply require a document identifying and dating a
Daimler car, the fee is �15 per car.

While we unfortunately do not have the time to carry out research projects
for clients, we would welcome a representative of the DLOC coming here with
a view to looking for cars exported to Australia in the records, and we
would not make any charge for this.

We are always grateful for the support of the DLOC in informing their
members about our services, and encouraging individual owners to obtain a
Heritage Certificate for their car.

Thanks and regards,

Anders Ditlev Clausager
Chief Archivist - Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust
Jaguar Cars, B/1/002, Browns Lane, Coventry CV5 9DR, England
Tel. +44 (0)24 76 202141
Fax +44 (0)24 76 405581
e-mail jsimps16@jaguar.com

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Sent: Saturday 24 March 2001 00:25
To: jsimps16@jaguar.com
Subject: JDHT Enquiry from Mr Steve Campbell-Wright

Enquiry : How far back do the Daimler
production records go? I am the DLCV
Pre-War Registrar in Australia, are
early Daimler production records
available for research purposes?
Certificates are not required, just
information on cars sent to
Australia. This is my second
submission of this request.
Name : Mr Steve Campbell-Wright
Address : 1a Dalzell Road, Point Cook, VIC, 3030, Australia
Telephone : 03 9256 2349
Email : @Steve_Campbell-Wrigh
Nature of Enquiry : My Car - Production Records

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