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For V8 saloon :
Can anyone help in tracing a set of original Britax “Daimler” seatbelts? These
were as fitted as options and have chrome buckles with the Daimler “D” on the
front. These static belts normally had light grey webbing, with triangular
shaped bolt fittings.
Also, I have a spare nearly complete toolbox for a V8. The box itself would
benefit from some restoration - new paint and foam, but is otherwise sound.
Tools are nearly all there with one spanner being “Jaguar” instead of Daimler
and the tyre pressure guage is missing although this is the easiest item to
replace. It is for sale at �75 plus carriage including a spare plastic box (as
fitted to the later V8/250 model).
Barry Pladdys


These marques are rarely featured on UK television. However, Channel 4 (UK)
are featuring the sale of a Lanchester 14 in their “Ideal World” series -
“Deals on Wheels” to be shown on 24th August 99 at 8.30pm.
The car in question was advertised for some months in the “Driving Member”.

Diary note not to miss!!!

Barry Pladdys