[DaimLan] RE: [Saloon-lovers] DV8 Stalling

I think the vacuum to your brake booster is leaking.
There is a metal box ahead of one of your front tires. It is probably rusty
and causing a slight leak. I believe others have said that metal box is not
needed and one can just hook the vacuum up directly…

Or you have a cracked hose.> -----Original Message-----

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Dear All

I have an annoying problem with my '66 Daimler V8.
When a brake to stop, as opposed to slowing down,
the revs of my engine fall away rapidly & more often
than not I stall. I currently have to flick the choke on in
order to keep revs up if I know I’m going to have to stop!
When warm the idle speed in N is about 900-1000 &
in D its about 500-600.

Any ideas grateful received.


Gary Westbury, UK
'66 DV8