Daimler 250: removing engine

Hi All, I’m new to this and hope someone can help. I am trying to remove the engine from my 250 V8 auto and am at a loss to know how to, as the manual says, “…remove the abutment carrier bracket from the converter housing”. I cant even get a socket or a spanner on the two 1/2 AF bolts let alone turn them. And if I do manage to remove them. how does one get it back together later?I have a pretty reasonable tool selection and a reasonable experience but this leaves me scratching my head. Am I getting too old for this?

Roger can you post a picture of the area? Are you trying to split the engine and turns before pulling the engine?

Hi Robin, Sorry for the delay, I’m worse at tech than as a mechanic and thats not going well :o( I cant see how to load a photo.
I am trying to remove the engine and transmission as one unit which the manual seems to infer is possible. It gives instruction on how to remove transmission unit on the following page about dismantling the engine.

Hi again,
I seem to have created a hyperlink to a photo and hopefully have not given a link to my whole album.
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So you are trying to undo the two bolts on the ‘L’ bracket? Is that attached to the chassis rail?

yes thats right. you can see it from here.
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actually the 2 bolts are attached to the bell housing

So thats the gear lever from the steering column, can you just disconnect from the transmission?

no the cable is attached to the bellhousing by the bracket - hence the need to disconnect it. I may have to lower the engine to try and make room but you would think the manual would have suggested that…