Daimler 4.0 1989 straight 6?

Hi There! I’m completely new to this forum… I’ll start by saying Hi! I’m Nath, in Suffolk - the UK recently got my hands on my father-in-laws Daimler. New to Jags, love them, but not entirely sure what I have? I believe its an XJ40 1989 Daimler 4.0 - straight 6. Currently sitting on XK8 wheels.

I have changed bonnet and boot-lid to ones without holes. Looking for more info about the make and model so I can start looking for parts. Doesn’t run, compression is good, think there’s an issue with the fuel pump.

Feel free to ask any questions at all. I’ll get some pictures up with this topic too. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!



Welcome to the forum

What’s the full VIN? That identifies model and specification.