Daimler V8 250 5 Speed gearbox?

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Can anyone advise if there is a 5 speed gearbox conversion available for the Daimler V8 250?

My auto box has had it and would consider a change to 5 Speed.
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There is a 4 speed ZF option which I am considering but the cost is eyewatering.
Over £6,000 supply only. I understand it’s been around a few years but not aware of performance results but understand it transforms it from standard BW35.

Is the rear block bolt pattern the same as the bell on other Jags? If so, an XJ or LWB E-type manual may fit, or a Mk2 gearbox? I wouldn’t sweat the extra gear if cost is a concern - the biggest benefit is going from auto to manual, not 4 to 5 gears.

Contact me off list ref parts for either option if shipping/collection are feasible from eastern US.

I assume the block pattern is different as there was a 4 speed plus o/d option offered by Daimler but take up was very low so an original Daimler manual gearbox with the correct bell housing is as rare as hens teeth and priced accordingly.

I was hoping that perhaps someone had made a 4 or 5 speed conversion.

That implies the Daimler BW auto also had a different bell, but I bet the four-bolt BW box to bell pattern is the same as Jag bells. You can fit a T5 to an auto BW bell with an adapter and an hydraulic release bearing.

The ZF 4HP22 has an overdrive 4th gear, and most have a torque converter lockup at around 60 mph, works very well, but you would need one with a kickdown cable not an EH type unless you are good with wires, the EH has a 12 or 13 pin plug on the front, one with a kick down cable and a two pin plug is ok, that plug just tells the engine ecu when you are in Neutral or something unimportant, you can ignore it, If you want to go manual an adaptor plate would sort out the bell housing issues, the flywheel would need some thought. BMW were a big user of 4HP22 boxes, would need to be early to get a kickdown cable, something like a 1982 onwards 635csi, 730i, 728i, 735i, etc. if you do get a 4HP22 you need to get the A clutch rebuilt as that is the most common failure point, the rest of a 4HP22 is bomb proof,

sounds a plan to me, but what do I know!