Daimler v8 250, Ball-joints

Hello, I’ve just been told that the ball-joints for the Mk 2 won’t fit the Daimler
What about the tyrods outer?
Where can I get reasonable calipers (front) $575.00 (2)
With thanks, David

I am 99% sure the ball joints are the same , top and bottom , on my MK2 the track rod ends are fixed to a bar , adjusted by the centre bar , very easy to adjust the tracking !

Hello, and thanks, The ones I;ve seen are not attached to a bar (ball jounts) ?, or are you referring to the track-rod ends {tyrods outer?}

Picture is of the track rod’s , ball joints hold the Stub Axle Carrier to the suspension .

Amsteer makes the side rods:

Hi are the track rod ends on the fixed bar handed?

Yes. That’s how you get the adjustment.

Are these handed Ian?

The one’s in my picture are the same , not handed ,
Going by the parts book they are handed , but I think Jaguar changed them to the solid bar kind , like my picture , from ones you can adjust .
I have the later type , makes adjusting a lot easier , just have to turn the centre tube for toe in or out , moves both sides together 67 in the diagram ,
In parts book 66 is C 22679 LH , C22678 RH