Daimler V8 250 HALF SHAFTS

Does anyone have any experience of interchangeability of half shafts of manual and auto Daimler V8 250

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The only difference that I would be aware of between manual and Auto would be the diff ratio, I’d be certain that Jaguar would use the same equipment out board of the diff head.
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I thank you for the note and the information therein.
I was not aware and did not see anything to inform me of the no sell policy
I will be quite happy to take down the post (or you can if you can) and delete my registration
I registered with the best of intent, but life is too short to create displeasure
Thank you for informing me

Sorry if you took ‘displeasure’ in my post, there was certainly no intent on my part.
You are of course welcome to depart from the forum if you so wish.
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If you don’t have a spares catalogue you can find some online, then look at the part numbers.
If they are not the same it may still work.

The XJ driveshafts were all the same at first but the forward half was eventually strengthened for manual cars. As the transmissions have the same length these are still interchangeable.

Many thanks David, I am actually in the throws of pulling one out of a manual MkII axle
Thanks again

It’s a Salisbury 4HA axle. I’m sure all the half shafts are the same throughout the MK2/ Daimler 2.5 range.