Daimler V8 250 indicators fault

Hi, my front nearside direction indicator stopped working mid-drive. There’s no “tick tock” nor green flashing “arrow” light on the steering column when the lever is pushed to signal left, but the rear nearside indicator flashes very quickly. Right signals work fine. Bulb seems ok. Has anyone got any ideas?! Thank you!

Check the bulbs again by swapping with other side. Also check the bulb housing and the ground point.

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It will be the front nearside bulb, or the wiring associated with it.

This is exactly what you will get if your flasher unit only has one bulb to light (flash).

If you have a multimeter, or can connect a known good bulb between the live wire and earth at this point (but not the earth on the housing that isn’t working as this is a possible cause) take the live wire off the front nearside housing and check that the voltage is reaching here. If it is it will be the bulb, or it’s connection in the housing, or the earth connection from the housing to the body.

If voltage isn’t reaching here it’s the wiring further down the circuit.

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That’s incredibly helpful, thank you.