Damage in the trunk

Hi friends … someone can helps ?? In the trunck there are a some holes and I will like to patch it my self … how can I do this job … I would like to use something like fiber with Bondo … but I don’t know … .some suges … maybe the Bondo get easier to crack…

I really appreciate it

I take it replacing with steel is not a option for you?

In the world of rust repairs that does not seem like a particularly hard panel to cut out and replace as there should be access from both sides top and bottom. Do any of the usual suspects repro that piece?

Ok…let me see …what can I do … because I will like to do it myself…

This was the damage that I had in the boot

The steel insert

The wooden former

I have made repairs like this by shaping the relevant section over a piece of steel that I cut and ground to the exact profile.

(much like Robins pics)

I then Mig welded those sections in

A couple of professional bodymen looked at it, and they were very surprised at the high quality, as it was not detectable as a repair, still perfect more than 10yrs later

I did find it fairly easy, and the perfect place to improve ones skills in metal shaping and mig welding

In my opinion, that is not a good area to use bondo or other similar materials, as it is somewhat structural

You need to cut out all rusty weakened steel from the area all the way back to good, thick, strong steel - you may have to cut back further than you thought.

Ideally you should make your patch fit the hole exactly, making a ‘butt’ weld, edge to edge - if you place an oversize repair panel over the original metal there will be a tendency for more rust to get a grip. You could prevent this by generous application of sealer etc. but that’s how the job should ideally be done.

I had similar rust in the same place when I got my Daimler 250 and I cut it back to good metal, made the correct size & shape repair panels then took it all to a local man to weld them in. Then I smoothed the lumps off the welds and painted it all to look nice.

Because I had done a lot of work myself I was happy that the repair was mostly all my own work.

Slapping bondo over allready deteriorated steel is asking for trouble.
Rust is like a cancer (excuse my language): it has to be cut out widely and completely.
Then you could either weld new steel in (but introducing heat into steel weakens the steel and makes it prone to rusting even more), but you could also glue (with car metal glue) the patch from the underside and then make it nice and smooth from the inside with Ferro bondo from the inside.

Be sure to completely remove all the underbody protection where you are glueing in the patch.
Glue it in completely and water tight, the re-apply the body protection.

Thanks everyone. …I appreciate your worth coments … now I know what’s I have to do …

A quick look at the Moss Classic Jaguar website turns up this replacement spare tire well panel. Not exactly cheap at $586.99 but if correctly fitted a solid, permanent fix. Do ensure that the trunk seals, rear window seal are not letting water into the trunk that settles in the well and initiates this corrosion.
There may be other suppliers as well, always worth shopping around.

Ok…I’m thinking about…is a lot money

And on special order, and I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will be a perfect fit. The lower panel for my ’S’ was 20mm too short.

Hi Rgbrt
Some years ago I replaced the wheel well panel (Martin Robey UK)
which was reasonable however I now notice that they have them on their website for £380!!
Perhaps there is a discount for overseas and there is a 10% loyalty card also
You could try the classified ads for a new old stock item?
The panel is spot welded in position and does not take long to do, being cautious of the fuel tank
The spare wheel as you know is quite heavy so a temporary repair won’t take long to need doing
again Best of luck

Ok I see …I’m thinking :thinking: n that …I need a little more time to do it…

I want to remind you that the spare wheel well is in close proximity to the fuel tank. Please consider removing the tank before welding in the area.

Yes… The tank is still not in place … I’m just waiting to do this repair … thanks a lot …