Dana 44 Powerlok clutch pack

I purchased a Dana 44 22233x clutch pack for my differential. The x signals a heavy duty clutch and the dished plate measures 0.093" thick.

If anyone has a standard pack readily available, how thick is the dished plate?

Has anyone used this pack in their differential?

I see nobody has responded so here goes …Years ago I used to change clutch packs on my race car every couple of years, and never throwing anything out, that is other than stuff I will need two weeks in the future, I’ve kept quite a few discs/plates around. All the dished ones, including several new ones measure .093. I also have a box that had new ones and it’s marked with the same part no (22233X) as yours but my note on it says it is not heavy duty. I used the heavy duty ones in the race car, and when I looked for a set a couple of years ago I couldn’t find one for sale. Now we get into the fuzzy stuff from 32 years ago. These Dana diffs can be set up with greater or lesser limited diff action. More action comes from using a dished disc and a dished plate each side (stock Jaguar diffs used only one dished plate/side). If your 22233X has only 2 dished washers it’s not heavy duty, I believe.

That’s a bit confusing - if it’s heavy duty it should have 2 dished plates and two dished discs.

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The 2223x kit has only two dished disks and all of the plates are flat. My concern was that it would be too assertive in it’s locking action.

Thanks for the confirmation Terry.

Just for the record I see from some other material I found that the heavy duty kit p.n. is 22933X