Dang for a member with a mark nine in Portland Oregon

Looking for a member with a MkIX in Portland Oregon. I am restoring a vehicle disassembled by a PO and so have many small questions about fitment issues in the interior.

Not in your part of the world but ask away. Many Mk IX features similar to the Mk VII, & I have a SM & a Mk IX Parts Catologue.

Randall, thank you very much for responding. I to have the parts catalog. The car is nearly complete mechanicals have not been an issue as many of the usual vendors have what is needed. However, there are some details that are not included In the documentations that I have that include the parts manual. For example how are the sunvisors secured to the roofline. I have them in place and at the moment held by magnets which is of course not acceptable, but I cannot determine what the original configuration was. Can you offer a picture? Of how they are held in place.

Here you go

Ah yes, but what hold the visor up? Mine hangs down , is there a clip holding it to the roof?

Sorry I misunderstood you question.

Perfect! Super helpful.
Thank you!