Darlington Transistors for blowers

Can someone tell me the correct Number/ Type/ spec for the Darlington transistors for the blower motors, I’m planning to remove my blowers later this month in order to restore the slow and medium speeds so I want to have the transistors to hand before doing so.
I remember the procedure and the parts recommended were detailed in the XJ40 ‘Book’ section on the old site but I can’t work out how to access it so if someone could point out how to do that I would be grateful, cheers.

Casso, here you go:


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Thanks Mike that’s exactly what I was trying to find, not only the testing procedure but what type of transistors I need to order. Sadly the recommended source - Maplin’s no longer exists but I’m sure I’ll track some down now that I have the specs / numbers :+1:

Casso, I’m sure there are a lot of sources. A quick Google search turned up many including this one:


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Thanks Mike, I found a company here in UK called Silicon Ark, they were £2.75 each so I’ve ordered them, only fly in the ointment was their minimum order limits were £10 so I bought 4 because I got fed up looking :grinning: At least I’ll have spares if I mess up soldering them in :grinning:

You don’t need to test the blown ones , if slow and medium speed are dead and max speed is OK you are quite shure that they are blown. Replacing them is quite fast, i suggest you to buy also a TO3 (is the type of enclosure of the darlington) mica isolator because probably the ones that are under the old darlington are worn.

Thank you Andrea for the advice, I’ll look for the mica isolators.