Dash / screen fitting order

I want to fit the dash before fitting the windscreen , does that make it difficult to fit the screen later ?

I haven’t fitted an XK screen yet, but it shouldn’t - if you break a screen, you replace it without removing the dash. On every other car I’ve worked on the dash is fitted before the screen. On the Mustang, for example, it’s pretty much impossible to fit the dash with the screen in. Someone with XK knowledge will no doubt advise.

Yes, you can place the dash before fitting the windscreens.
But only the top cover must be placed later, you need the space.

Peter Jan

Thanks both . I believe the head lining goes in before the screen .

Headlining goes in before the screen on every car I’ve ever fitted one to. On many, the screen rubber surround crimps over the headlining to hold it in place above the screen.