Dash side, chrome fitting

Hi all,

How does this piece fit with the rope (Series 2,2 part dashboard separated by a rope)?



Anybody who can help me?

Well, I’ll bite. Are you talking about the chrome piece or the black cardboard piece. I have no idea how a “rope” is involved. Maybe a terminology issue. My snide comment based on my 67 Series 1 2+2 is that they fit “poorly”.


Hey, thanks for your answer.

I have a S2 , 2+2, and my dash is a 2 piece. And in between there is a rope folded in black vinyl.

So the rope comes out “on the sides” and need to be snugged under the cardboard piece?

(by the way, I have to make these two pieces separatly)


OK, got it. There’s a more technical term for upholstery material wrapped around a small cord but it escapes me now. Piping maybe? Anyway, I can’t offer any further guidance, as my car didn’t have that detail. Yours looks pretty good to me in the photos. Hopefully someone with a S2 car will pipe up.

Bart, I have a 1969, Series 2, F.H.C.
I think your 2+2 dash is different. I have no rope, nor a “2 piece dash”. I’ll include a picture
of the chrome bezel & black covered piece of cardboard Mr. Ferris speaks about. There are 2 screws that hold the piece of cardboard onto the Crome bezel. The bezel also screws into the sheet metal behind it, that can’t be seen W/cardboard installed.
I googled “chrome dash bezel 1969 e-type Jaguar, installation” & an ad for a set came up on e-bay. You can see the shape of the entire bezel. Good luck.
Michael Caro

I also have a late series 2 FHC, and there is no piping in this area. Only the curved chrome piece and the black plastic triangular piece. I checked the Series 2 parts book, and it indicates that these details are identical for the FHC and the 2 + 2.
Screenshot 2022-11-22 114843

You won’t . The FHC’s don’t have it, the 2+2’s do. As you probably know the 2+2s have a two part dash panel made up of a FHC dash panel with a smaller panel attached to the front of it. The join of the two panels is filled by the piping.

OK - you’re referring to the dash top. Your photo seemed to indicate that you were talking about the chrome finisher and trim piece between the side of the fascia and the cantrail. Here’s a photo of dash top on a Series 3 2+2, if that helps.


Thanks. Yeah that is the “rope” I mean.

But could you make a picture from the inside as well.

To see how the “rope” finishes on the end?