Dash top coverage

Hello guys, to those who have walked down this path…
I’m seeking recommendations and sources for replacing the vinyl-like material on the dash top of a series one '67 2+2. It’s an original material and has a few noticeable cracks.
I thought, while I have it off might as well get it looking nice. If the grain can be matched, I wouldn’t be opposed to a leatherette tip of material.
Any thought comments is greatly appreciated.

Ken, personally I think your best bet would be to purchase a reproduction dash top from SNG. If you are thinking a "re-upholstery concept, I’m afraid the combination of finding a suitable matching material and making it follow the dash contours will be very tough. If you want it to look original.


Thanks Harvey for your thought. It just happens, I do have a dash top cover, I purchased many years ago from Engel Imports and appears to be the same as those, currently, in the market place. It seems they still are the only “game in town”. Was just hoping a better quality version was available. I have a well qualified automotive upholsterer who thinks these DYI covers “suck” and refuses to work with them.

They may appear to suck to the professional eye but in my opinion the original was similar. Yeah, it kinda sucked to.

A heat gun was my weapon of choice for making the best of the job.

Interesting re your upholstry guy. Are you sure he is not thinking about the carpet or molded ABS plastic thingies like from Coverlay? They are indeed cheesy. I had an aftermarket cover in the 00’s that wasn’t bad as I recall. It turned out I didn’t need to use it and I sold it to a club member.

Jay Leno speaks highly of Just Dashs. Very pricey though.

Hi Ken, I attempted a re-cover a couple of years ago, unsuccessfully! (poor glue, wrong grain and some wrinkles) Going to give it one more try shortly here. I have some new vinyl coming in a day or two and will see if the grain is closer. Will send a picture when I get it. I believe it is possible but is tedious. I bought cloth backed vinyl (not stretchy) and maybe your upholsterer knows this, dampened the cloth lightly with acetone and the cloth backing peels right off making the vinyl more flexible.

If it’s of the same vintage of the one that I got for my car, from Engel, it was neither very well-made, nor easy at all to install.

The one I bought about 7 years ago fit well and was not hard to install. I bought it from one of the usual suppliers and I’d guess they all buy from the same supplier. IMO, the only skill needed is a desire to do it yourself.

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Yes, a heat gun is a valuable tool in many situations like this. Thanks!

No Harvey, I showed him Engel’s cover. He just wasn’t liking it. It could be, he’s going down the road of a DIY kit is “beneath him” LOL! Thing is, I’ve had him do other custom work and his quality and attention to detail is pretty darn superb.

Yes John, It may come to that. I don’t see it as being beyond my skill sets. I just thought, I “pay the freight” and have him do it, while I attend to other projects.
We’ll see…

I used one of the covers available from the “usuals” and it turned out pretty well. Patience and a heat gun used carefully was necessary.

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There are 2 dash top panels out there the first one i got did not have the foam formed properly and the depression for center windshield rod was missing, the second one had the rod depression and fit perfectly. second one came from Engles.

I bought mine from Welsh. It’s identical to the original including the center depression. The install was time consuming but not difficult.

I bought one from the usuals too, it looks just like an original one to me once it is installed properly.


Was it a DIY install for you? It looks good from my perch.

Mine has the rod depression but I don’t need it. In looking at it, I think it will be cut out during the trimming process.

Yes I installed it myself using heat and high temp glues. Lots of clamps and clips too. :slight_smile:

The tuna and clamps I have, what High Temp glues did you use. My first thought was Weldwood contact. But, not sure of it’s use with this plastic vinyl stuff.

The glue alone will not suffice: you need all those funky little metal clips

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