Dashboard switch bezels


Hi all,

I’m restoring my dashboard (MK IV DHC) and I have to redo the black switch bezels with white inscriptions (ignition/starter…). I already tried three times but was not satisfied with the result. I paint the bezels black, let them drie and then I fill the letters with a white pasta and wipe the surplus pasta.
Is there an other method that gives more satisfaction or is there somewhere a specialist to make them new and let them shine again?
Or are they somewhere for sale??? I presume not.
Send herewith picture of my restored/reveneered dashboard.

many thanks

(Andrew Waugh) #2

See Painting "the red" on C valve covers

(Francis Thibaud) #3

Remove all paint. You have to start from clean zamak (no paint left inside the lettering grooves).
Spray paint bezels satin black (not too much paint so as not to fill the lettering grooves).
Get hold of a small can of good exterior paint, preferably ivory colour than pure white.
With a small brush, fill the lettering grooves with ivory paint.
It is probably better to leave to dry one hour or so, but not a problem if not.
Use your best index finger and wipe off (most of) the excess ivory paint.
Wipe your index clean on a rag impregnated with white spirit.
Wipe off the remaining excess ivory paint a second time.
Normally, this is enough and the bezel should be perfect.
You can do it a third time, but at some point you will remove too much ivory paint.
In that case, you will have to do it all over again.
The key is to start with very neat lettering grooves.
Good luck !

A useful tip, while you have the dashboard out : at the back of the dashboard there is a recess in the wood which goes around the instruments. Paint this recess in two coats of pure white. The dashboard illumination will be much brighter when everything is back in place, especially if you fit LED bulbs. “Night and day”, litterally !


(Harri Tiidus) #4

this is what i did, Like Fracis discribed, black first and the white and you wipe it off.


Thanks Francis, will try it in the weekend, and Harri nice result!!!