Dashboard warning lights

Hello forum
This is a old picture of my XK-140 OTS dashboard. Dismantled 30 years ago.
See warning lights: Does anyone have detailed information on the two black collars? detail pictures? part no.?
Thanx - Markus

Markus, the black collars surrounding the two warning lights were made of a very thin, possibly bakelite, material that disintegrated with age. I replaced mine with pieces of 3/4 inch PVC pipe cut to length and then glued to the wooden side of the instrument panel.

Yes, most of it has dissolved. My old photo gives an idea of what the original part might have looked like. Maybe like this… (see picture below)
With today’s possibilities (3D printer) you could reproduce that. That’s why I’m asking what the original Part looks like.

Hello Markus

I have had the same issue on my XK120 FHC. Please let me know how you solve this. My first attemps to use simple tubes failed.
BTW, I live in Switzerland too. philippe.matter²hispeed.ch
Best regards - Philippe

What are you actually saying or responding to with this post???

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Some of my friends have a 3D printer. We will see, what’s going on. I will post my solution.

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Your post is nonsense and nothing to do with the discussion…why are you also posting links?