Data plate on 1955 XK SE OTS

Hello all, i have a couple questions regarding the data plate on my 1955 Jaguar XK SE OTS.

  1. Does anyone know what the letters “DN” mean after the chassis # ?

  2. What is the best way to clean the data plate without taking off the black paint?

Thank you in advance! Great forum.

The DN means the original gearbox had the Laycock-DeNormanville overdrive. The JLE also means the same.
Assuming soap and water didn’t work, I would use very ultra fine 000 steel wool to clean it.

carefully !!
olive oil lifts grease…

Yes of course, carefully. This appears to be iron oxide (rust) but could be copper (brass) oxides. One could also try Turtle Wax (or your favorite brand) Polishing Compound or Brasso cleaner.

wow! Never seen before! Looks amazing!

Polishing compound like you stated would be my first choice as well.