Dead end on DAC 11079

I’ve spent several days trying to track down this coolant temp sensor.
1993 XJS 4.0
SAJNW5748PC 186309
I’ve received two incorrect ones so far. I need a DAC 11079 (DAC 11079K). Jag service bulletin JD 10/92 states: The new transmitter, DAC 11079, which should be fitted to XJS facelift models ONLY, is identified by a red plastic top; conversely, the XJ40 transmitter will continue to have a black plastic top for recognition purposes. The old one IS stamped DAC11079. I’ve lost hope on finding a NOS unit. Does anyone have a used one they would part with?

What happens if you use the earlier/Xj40 sensor? Have you tried?


Have you looked at Ebay? Or posted a “wanted” on jaglovers classified ads

The first 2 I tried were aftermarket switches.

And what happened?

What I’m driving at is that maybe the difference between older/newer really isn’t significant. Maybe the older CTS would work satisfactorily? These are not ultra-precise devices.


I spent over 4 hours on the internet. A used one was available on eBay ($95). Tried everyone I knew from my Import Car Parts contacts from my days as a Rep and store owner. A lot of incorrect information out there. Until I found the Jag parts bulletin, I was sucked into a black hole. Just yesterday I finally found a NOS DAC 11079 still in the original Jaguar package. John’s Cars in Dallas came through. I really believe I got the last one on the planet.

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Buying genuine Jaguar vs aftermarket are sometimes the same.

Regarding the temp sensor for my 80s V12, I bought an aftermarket FAE. I also bought a Jaguar OEM for double the price. It was an FAE in a Jaguar box. Meaning, if you can find out the manufacturer of the Jaguar OEM part, you may have an easier time locating that aftermarket part, and for half the price.

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I’d start by looking for any of these:

CARQUEST 53-7541
GM 88924768
TRIUMPH 137705

Then if that draws a blank move onto:

TRIUMPH 150843
Forecast 8217
ACDelco 213-1079
BECK/ARNLEY 201-1110

There probably are others.

The Triumph one seems to be available.
Temperature sender unit - SOC Spares


That’s good to hear Dan. Hope you are back on the road soon

I think I may have an NOS one in my parts drawers.
Today is crowded but if you send me a test I can search tomorrow.
Steve @65O 455 IIIO

There were hundreds of listings on eBay. Problem is, they won’t work. That has always been a problem with aftermarket, over consolidation. In my quest, I talked with three large Jag dealers and the common reply was, "We have problems getting parts for anything older than 2010 models. There aren’t that many XJS Facelift cars on the road to justify keeping the parts supply filled.

As the attached Jaguar Service Bulletin states, the facelift XJS models will have the red top, NOT the black. From everything I’ve seen, most of the part numbers you’ve listed, have the black top. I don’t know what is so special about the face lift XJS’s, but Jaguar Cars knows something we don’t.

I forgot to thank you for the part number research. A pretty thorough cross reference.

They are the same parts supplied from different manufacturers. Jaguar supplied red top ones, the others are black.
If having the red top is important to one, then it’s a no-go for aftermarket.

The P/n for an Xj40 and pre-modification Xj-s is DAC2583. Are the two senders electrically the same?
There are loads of interchange parts for this sender, interestingly some have the same part numbers as the DAC1079 does.

ACDelco 213-1079
ACDelco 213-1080

Perhaps Jaguar thought Xj-s drivers needed to feel a bit more sporty, so used a red top.

NOS DAC 11079 installed and all is good. Thanks to everyone for the input.