Decode these letters and numbers Please

Decode these letters and numbers Please I’m assuming one is model the other three sets, I don’t know… is there anybody who can tell me " Exactly " what all four say when decoded…I know I could try the internet, but I’m hoping by asking, and using this Jaguar forum to gain information from within the group, not in spite of it …Anthony…

Was this car imported from South Africa by chance?

That does look almost certainly like a South African plate, my car has something very similar. The letters ZA and SA are also a clue! It’s a pretty shonky looking chassis plate compared to the rather lovely UK ones but apparently that’s what they used.

Other clues will be if you dig out the seat bases and door pockets and find some old rand coins…!

The Chassis, Engine and box numbers should all be the correct though. You can get an approximate body build date by looking at the Jaguarheritage sheets showing body numbers vs years of production and further reference at XJ6data by matching the numbers to the ranges there .

I thought the body looked pretty rust free and that might make more sense if it spent time in SA.

I did find a long lag between my body build (around Oct '70) and the car first registration (July '73) so I’d be interested if that car show a similar long gap.

I did ask for a heritage certificate on mine and they could only supply details of the body build date and that it wa a CKD kit sent to SA.

It could explain the weird trim difference because leather cracked quite badly in the sun apparently and wasn’t preferred so often other materials were used. They had to use a certain % of local content in the build and trim and paint were some of the easiest things to do. I’ve had a couple of ex SA cars from the period and it seems they kinda went their own way on trim, colours and some other stuff. My cars colour is definitely not on the UK colour chart.

GOING ON WHAT YOU SAY IT SORT OF MAKES SENCE SO BUILT SOUTH AFRICA AND THEN SHIPPED TO uk I really just needed to buy paint, and I hoped the code was something I could get here in UK…

hi it says on the log book 21/3/1978 first reg in uk Though worldwide production of the Series II ended in 1979, a number were produced in Cape Town, South Africa until 1981.[clarification needed]

A total of 91,227 Series II models were produced, of which 14,226 were fitted with the V12 engine.

I never managed to find a colour code plate on my SA car or in the (quite comprehensive) original documentation and in the end we colour matched new paint to a piece of original grey on the car (close to, but not exactly the same as Jaguar Pearl grey - a colour never offered on the XJ6) so you may be on your own.

It could be the SA version of Amethyst but the UK paint codes might or might not match exactly what was on the car…

We did a few spray outs to match the colour and I chose the best.

I can see the car sold at a Barons Auction - that’s also where I bought mine.

Yes went for nothing then a masses of replacement parts , welding and fabrication then it stood doing nothing for some time, until I found it… so all in all I’m happy to have sold my X300 to buy it. .it’s my last buy this will see me to the end and that’s fine for me …got the red door open light’s working as the car has been stripped painted and put together, most of the issues are wires and contact with said wires. .light bulbs etc all issues on the original MOT failure have been replaced repaired renewed …it really isn’t a bad car now…rust is very minimal and isn’t an MOT issue. Got a vinyl roof on order It’s going to be a fun car not concourse. Not rough looking, but an all working 43year old car, Registered Historic, tax free, and even MOT dvla exempt… cheap insurance …all good