DEF problems. 2016 f-pace

Hello. My usual forum is the e+type one but I was hoping someone here might be familiar with this problem. My daughter has a 2016 diesel f-pace. This is the eighth time in the last 3 years she has had to take it back to the dealer for the DEF massage below. It has only ever used dealer supplied DEF. If anyone has had experience with this problem I would love to hear if it has been solved for you.

I assume you scoured places like this?

Yep. It seems to be a general belief that the cause is a faulty sensor, or software malfunction. My daughter has had a discussion with the dealer about it and we will se if they can solve it for good this time around. Going off warranty in a year so there is some urgency to the fix. I will report back if and when it is resolved. Maybe trade it in on an f150. Mine is at 160,000 km and had nothing but a spark plug change, new multifunction switch( 100 bucks and 15 minutes work) and oil changes. F 150 not really her style tho!

To finish up the thread the suv has been returned from the dealership after being there over 2 weeks. Had the def pump, tank, sensor ,and I believe injectors replaced plus new software. Basically the whole system upgraded to current standards. So- no real answer as to what the actual problem was. All good as long as the problem is solved but makes you wonder how they solve the problem if you have a miss in the engine-out with the old and in with the new! Probably wise to invest in an extended warranty.

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Up until the early 90s, I was not a fan of Ryan (extended) warranties: I would not buy any newer car w/o one, now.