Delanair service manual for Mk10/420/420G

I’d like to find an original, but would consider a reproduction. I believe this would need to be specific for the models noted above, but perhaps someone knows if a later XJ6 copy would be the same.

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Contact the Coventry Foundation they have a copy of most if not all Delanair manuals. If you are a JCNA member there is a couple of Delanair judges manuals on the website in the members only area. They include the MKX/420G/420 include wiring.

I got mine off Ebay I think

I also have the .pdf version, so I can email it to you if needed

only one or two chapters is vital

is your vehicle original A/C ?

Thanks to both of you. I checked the JCNA site (am a member), but not Coventry. Will do so. But, the pdf version would be lovely, Tony. I’ll pm you. I have the complete factory system. No freon in the system, but I put a pump on it, and it held very strong vacuum for a couple days, so I believe the basic components are good. The compressor clutch doesn’t work, and I intend to replace the York unit with a Sanden, as I believe the original is incompatible with R-134a. Likewise the hoses and drier.

Guys, im interested in this topic too. I asked on a FB group for a wiring diagram or any usefull schema/drawings of 420G Delanair A/C, but no reply. After some investigation, I found out that a publication “Service Manual for ‘Delanair’ Air Conditioning System as fitted to Jaguar 420”, Publication No. E.144/1, should be available, but i didnt find any specific for 420G. And i didnt get that 420 publication too. If some of you have that or similar publication usefull for 420G Delanair AC, ill be gratefull too.
On the Jcna pages i found out only a one AC guide, but quite usefull…

If you will pm me, I’ll forward all the great material that Tony shared with me when I get home this evening. I’m going to be looking into what mods need to be dome to make my system functional, and we should stay in touch about it.

I have 66 mk10 with factor Debonair system. I also would appreciate wiring diagram as mech said “air compressor not connected electrically”. All blowers and all else wok. I would apprciate you e mail me copy.
Thank you

I sent an email to your address with attachments for the “Delanair” system.

Good luck. These were added on at dealerships, and the compressor wire was run from the control unit in the center dash through the left upper bulkhead and along the left inner fender to the compressor. I would think you could jumper it to see if the compressor clutch works.

My car turned into a much bigger project, just getting close to installing the new engine and 700r4 transmission. The ac system is the least of my issues at the moment. Please let me know if your does work out.

Got everything working fine, now problem is compressor has major freon leak at the shaft. Tag on compressor reads:
York 105
Borg warner. Any idea where to find rebuild kit or compressor itself? Appreciate any info.

Does it look anything like this?

If so, if you google Your 105 ac compressor you get lots of hits for York compressors.

Another resource:

York compressors start of page 357.


I found a lot of useful information on this site.
The moderator sells parts for auto ac and seemed reasonable when I spoke to him. You can rebuild the York, but I was going to replace it with a modern Sanden style. They make an adapter plate that makes it a bolt-up. Not very expensive.
On the forum, you will be told that your old lines are incompatible with R134a. There are different opinions about this, and some have told me they used the old lines, and they were fine. Since there is about 35 ft of refrigerant line, I was planning to try to use the old lines, but haven’t gotten that far since the car turned into a big mechanical rebuild. You might also want to replace the drier and include a site-glass.

If you wind up rebuilding the system, there are modern serpentine condensors that are more efficient than the original. I was planning to do that and just use one condensor in front of the radiator. The 2nd long one below the radiator looks like an accident waiting to happen, and complicates mechanical repairs.

Please let us know here how it goes , and what you find that works.