Deleting intermediate exhaust boxes

Hello all,
Are there any adverse consequences to deleting the intermediate exhaust boxes on a XJ6?
One of them is damaged, meaning that the other one is not far behind, and I am not sure they are worth the cost of replacing vs just a couple of tubes.
Car is not to original specs anyway (tubular manifolds, 123 ignition etc).
Thank you.

I’ve heard a couple with the intermediate boxes removed. I thought it resulted in a rather odd exhaust tone. Not loud, but not an attractive sound.

Personally I would replace them.

Others will chime in.


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iv just replaced the 2 rear boxes on my 65 s type because i cannot get new boxes any time soon. put 2 straight pipes in so i could get it motd. sound is only just slightly louder but i like it.

I replaced the rear mufflers on my ‘66 ‘S’ type with straight pipes years ago and when the rear of the car was pointing at the neighbours MK1 Ford Cortina it would set off his car alarm when it started :smiling_imp:


The Cortina was just jealous at the sound of a real engine.



On my x300 the “mini cat” (has no measurable effect, but halfs the road tax) came loose.

I couldn’t believe how loud the engine was.
Much louder than my BMW M10 engine when the exhaust fell off right after the manifold…

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My lump went on it’s first victory lap sans pipes/ down pipes only/ very nice!!! and also snuck down to the muffler shop. At low speed. almost not noticed.

Oh, many folks around here are surprised at open exhaust !!! Cat thieves at work !

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