Deleting specific TOPICS only from a FORUM subscribed

Help please. How do I delete all comments/postings for a specific Topic (s) only on one or more of the FORUMS that I have subscribed to, and get daily emails. Sorry but cannot find how to do it myself, but with COVID-19 spare time on peoples hands, certain Topics have just become overwhelming/repetitive with postings, such that I am exceeding my daily limit and likely missing out on emails of greater interest.

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If you are asking if you can block seeing certain topics on certain forums I don’t think that’s possible.

Hi Roger…I dont know how exactly I set mine up, but I only receive emails for Topics that either I STARTED ( each comment generates an email)…or otherwise just forum replies to MY comments on other threads.

therefore, if I do not start any threads, or no one replies to my comment on someone elses thread, I would get NO emails to my subscriber email addy

This may not be in line with how you want to set up your notification system, but it will mean you dont recieve emails from those topics you have no interest in

Hi Roger. At the very bottom of a thread or topic you don’t wanna see notifications about there is a little grey button with a bell icon that probably says ‘normal’ or ‘watching’. Click the bell button to open the dropdown and then select ‘muted’ and you won’t get notifications.

Many thanks Mike,

Yes that seems to work.
Hadn’t seen your response until after John’s comment on another thread that also gave that clue.
I should start at oldest email first, but note their chronology doesn’t seem to take account of different time zones…


Thanks Tony,
I am set up differently.
I get everything from all FORUMS I subscribe to, thus all topics whether I have participated or not.
I just wanted to delete, or it seems MUTE is the word, topics of no interest, but still get the rest of the FORUMS other topics.

Think I have it now worked out, thanks to Mike and John…