Deleting the Antenna?

Since I’m doing a complete paint job I thought of deleting the antenna to purify the body line.
Instead I would install one of the modern electronic ones.
Any thoughts?

Best regards.

Does anybody really listen to the radio any more?

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Yeah crackly AM radio playing old classic techno from the 80’s…

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Yes I did exactly this, for exactly that reason.

I have an original period correct radio and fitted a modern antenna inside the car, actually tucked under the passenger side oddments tray under dash.

I use it with a small Bluetooth cigar lighter insert to link to my mobile phone and can play the playlist or radio thru the phone. It works pretty well though is a bit of '70’s radio interference and crackle. I also get handsfree calling which is good.

The antenna will work on AM and FM when the car is stationary but really not very good on the move, though that is fine because I only use with phone. I suspect a windscreen fitted modern antenna would work better and I have seen installs on or under the rear parcel shelf which probably work well too. But I went for a quick job with nothing on view and it does what I need.

My other classic has an expensive modern digital retro look unit and windscreen digital antenna which is much better sound quality. But still occasionally intermittent reception (DAB is not great here)

Me !! FM in the Jeep. AM in the Jaguar…

AM in the shop.

In the house, AM on rare occasions…


Yes, I don’t listen much radio… so, delete I think I will…


Yes, very much, and am happy with all the radios I have in our cars, FM mono E-type and Quadraphonic FM stereo / surround stereo in the XJ6C.

Only on the MKV DHC we have never had a (fixed) radio.

But I have used a modern antenna / aerial in a customers E-type, hidden under the passenger side parcel tray, no external antenna and works fine with the Retrosound radio.

Also in our 456GT the Sony system from the factory has no external antenna but uses a signal amp on the LH side C-pillar, works well with FM radio.


Aristides - I do - just as a matter of habits, I guess. I’m happy to tune in to an FM station producing nice stereo sound and playing music I like - for my tax money - and at my finger tips, instead of carefully programming what I like or subscribing to some kid’s playlist.

In fact I recently thought about a hidden DAB upgrade which might need a different antenna. Fortunately, there are splitters allowing you to use a traditional antenna pole for the otherwise different signal.

On an XJ I wouldn’t even think about deleting the antenna which is so thoughtfully positioned right at the body corner most distant from the driver. Whenever I back up in a tight car park or parallel park I won’t forget to turn on the radio.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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Is it on the same corner on LHD and RHD cars?

Yes, I’m pretty sure.
The way the fuel pump, switch-over valve and plumbing is configured leaves only one possible place to mount the remote antenna mechanism.

So it’s under the parcel tray and still works well?
I thought you had to mount it on the glass and as high as possible.

We still have the Astor brand AM radio cassette the dealer fitted in 1972. Still works: play one side of cassette, it pops out, then turn over for other side. Wouldn’t delete or swap. Antenna at right rear. Paul

Same as on mine but not quite such good radio reception - if the E-type is a convertible then it’d have better reception there. Or maybe I should have bought a better antenna.

Rear parcel shelf looked like a good location to me, either on top or underneath, but I didn’t want to run a wire that far.

Early cars I am pretty sure had no factory antenna and it would have been a dealer fit option so there were quite a few locations used. The rear wing became the standard, mine had one in the front drivers side wing which I did not like the look of, and others had one at the front of the roof, centred immediately above the windscreen and angled back.

I think you could probably safely delete the antenna and then work out which antenna / location combo works for you.


I had to try a few different positions, and no it’s not an OTS but an RHD 2+2. Under the dash would not work, but as the parcel trays are cardboard, we got a good enough signal for stereo FM for almost all channels available in Helsinki this way with a Retrosound radio and the hidden internal antenna.


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Yes, that’s what I will do.
I have one and it might fit under the rear parcel shelf.
Tomorrow will close the antenna hole : )

My car (RHD, UK sold in 1975) has the antenna on the rear left wing. And I think the antenna mounting was standard for SII cars ordered with radio as the Jaguar price list of March 17, 1975 mentions three “infotainment” options, all of which came with aerial, and even gives and additional mark-up for an electrically operated aerial.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Good radio reception relies on a good antenna, Bertie - you can’t get one without the other…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)