Dellorto carbs vs injection

Has anyone had success putting 6-sidedraft Dellortos on an XJS? I have visions of starting a project from 20 years ago. I have a nice 76 XJS that I thought would make a real street ride, if outfitted with a 5 speed trans & upgraded fuel system. I found 2 sets of Dellortos & and bought a 5-speed conversion from Keisler. Now that I’m retired, I thought I might as well start my “dream machine”. The worst that can happen is, I get bored & sell everything.

Don Fox did this to a S2 XJ12.
I don’t hear much from him on here anymore.

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RL, Thx for response, but I did not see any attachment referring to Don

I’m trying to find him…


He posted here a few times.
Maybe you can private mail him




Unless you know a lot about carbs, and have spare jets etc, FI will be best every time

I’m concerned of having to modify the ECU to handle engine mods. I’m much more comfortable with carbs than I am with computers

Rob, engine mounts are different but interchangeable, manifolds will fit OK.