Derrington Steering Wheel Restoration

Here’s another one.

Mine. I would like wires but at about $900 each corner, I’ll just look over at my other car and mentally transpose.

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What year is it? My car is fitted with post 1965 ‘Flat’ hub centre wire wheels instead of the ‘Curly’ hub centre wheels which should be fitted to my 1961 car. Mine are in very good condition and I’m in Melbourne. Just a thought.

Back to John Ribbler.

I’ve just been told by Moto-Lita that an original Derrington boss is the same pattern as their remanufactured version, which is interesting to know. Additionally, they said that they wouldn’t supply me with the timber and rivets (they are separate from the frame, there you go) as any wheel with their name stamped on it makes them liable if it fails. I pointed out that the original Derrington wheel doesn’t have their name on it so liability rests with the restorer and not the supplier of replacement parts for restoration. Why does everything have to be so complicated? I hope they come to the party.


i am sorry to disappoint you Tim - i am not an expert. i did buy a cheap wheel and went looking for bits. a nine bolt wheel will not bolt to a six or eight bolt hub even when splines & etc correct. and i can’t find your part in my mk2 book. perhaps you could search on this site? or online

It’s a '63 Tim. Should also have curly hubs. It is what it is! Paul

Hi John,

No disappointment here. Which book are you referring to? I’m pretty sure that the Parts Catalogue doesn’t list it as it was usually specified by the dealer at the owner’s request.

Tim :+1:

Hi Paul,

Two years out. It is what it is indeed!:wink:
I meant to ask what the other car you mentioned is?
It’s also amazing how light affects the colour of a car just looking at your Sherwood Green and the one from the web. The original Sherwood Green paint underneath the Opalescent Green on my car looks more like the one from the web!:thinking:
I’m now at my son’s hockey match bored and freezing!:sleeping:

The other car is a '62 E Type coupe - with curly hub wires. Regarding the Sherwood green - the way it behaves in the light is one of the reasons why the 9 recreation XKSS cars built by Jaguar Heritage are Sherwood Green and not BRG. Paul

Not considering buying an XKSS?:sunglasses:

I didn’t know numbers went that high.

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The one here is silver. This from our clubs first event celebrating 50 years for the club.

We’re digressing a bit - but what the hell. Paul

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I prefer the Sherwood Green to the ‘Mercedes Silver’, as did Sir Bill, no doubt.

Trivia. The first XKSS from the new-made batch was delivered to a dealership in New Zealand! the silver one. Only $2 million!!

Back to the subject. Saul from British Autowood can re-wood my original wheel in mahogany. That’s better than buying a remanufactured wheel from Moto-Lita with their logo on it. I’m still hopeful that they might sell me the timber and the rivets.


That’s the one in the photo I listed.

Is the car yours, Robin?

It would be wonderful to drive it from Christchurch to Queenstown then back over Arthur’s Pass.:star_struck:

I have to say it but Robin and Sherwood Green sounds ideal!

I once drove a real D-Type around Amaroo Raceway in Sydney many years ago. I felt like Mike Hawthorn at Le Mans!:sunglasses:


If only!!! No it’s one of our major car dealers car. I believe it’s the first one off the recreation line. Worth <>$1.5mil (NZ)

Final installment from Moto-Lita. They were quite rude and dismissive of me which doesn’t do much for good customer relations. How you deal with people has a flow on effect. I guess they consider they are large enough and one person like me with a simple request doesn’t really matter? A sad end when I had been quite encouraging and very polite. There is no way after that rudeness I will buy one their remanufactured copies of the original.

Likely. It’s an attitude that has seemed to wash over almost all businesses: that is why I simply LOVE SNG Barratt, especially Tony Lee.

Yes, I’ve had nothing other than lovely, helpful customer service from Caroline Norcott at Barrett’s UK.

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I have heard from Saul at British Autowood has told me that the original Derrington wheel is 17" whereas the Moto Lita copy is 16".