DG 250 MJ BW automatic transmission

Replaced tranny fluild, then did a run check on the transmission. It doesn’t seem to want to disengage from drive. Can’t get it to go into reverse and or park. It does seem to have low and regular drive. Any thoughts on what is going on?

I recently helped someone out with a BW model 12 gearbox by sending him a PDF of the entire workshop manual pages on that gearbox. There was a useful trouble shooting section… Although your DG250 is different, I would be happy to send you this PDF if you reply to me directly with your email address. Click on my avatar at the top of this message to get my email.

I have the DG250 manual

Pat H.

Are you able to send in a PDF?


Over 96 pages plus 64 more supplement. I can scan specific pages depending on your issue.


Trouble shooting section would be best to start with.


I know it sounds overly simple, but are you sure the trans fluid is not low ?

A couple of times, I have had some trouble after fluid change, despite level checking ok,
I had to add up to 1litre of fluid, problems fixed, level settled to ok too.

does the DG250 have a drain plug to easily remove any excess if the above doesnt work ?

Yes, and the torque converter has one as well.

Interesting to know what fluid did you use.
Modern fluids like Dextron, are no good.
Use ATF A, and measure level when engine running in D.

Peter Jan

See Attached

Pat H

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if the vehicle wont go into “park”…along with your other problems is suggestive there maybe some problem moving the trans actuator lever into the correct position.

One way to check would be disconnect the linkage at the trans, and operate the lever by hand to see if it engages the park pawl

extreme care should be taken when doing this kind of work to ensure the vehicle cannot roll more than a few inches

On my vehicle, the cable can be adjusted, it only has to be out by a very small amount, examine all parts & linkages for wear