DG Auto in MK VIII


I am having issues with my DG auto and, on looking around for a kit to enable a rebuild, I keep seeing notes that the mainshaft seal is no longer available in the kits. As this seal is likely the cause of my problem (long delay moving up to third) I am left wondering how to approach this. I am considering - but not keen on - installing another model auto with more readily available parts. If I can’t get parts for the original box there seem to be few other options. I have two other DGs available, which are likely from MK2s, so I was also considering installing one of these to see if it’s OK, but I would need to know whether these are easily interchangeable. Any input welcome.

( Black 1958 MK VIII with 30 year-old restoration. )

(Phil.Dobson) #2

you might try G whitehouse here in the UK


(Rob Reilly) #3

Looking at the parts catalogue, a lot of the seals seem to be ordinary o-rings.
Even if it is a lip seal you need, it will be a standard industrial size and available from industrial vendors.
How do you feel about taking it apart yourself?
Automatics aren’t that hard, you just need to be very careful and orderly about disassembly and reassembly and take lots of notes.


Thanks. I had a look, but they seem to just do rebuilds, not supply parts.


I have a man to do this. I’ll ask him about whether he can use standard issue seals. Thanks.

(Rob Reilly) #6

Phrased that way, he may tell you he does not know how to order them. It may be a matter of taking measurements with micrometers and dial calipers and looking in seal catalogues for the right size. But that’s straightforward engineering work.

(tony) #7

I agree with Rob, if the seal is a “standard type lip seal, with spring” fitted in a bore, sealing a shaft

the critical measurements are Bore ID and shaft OD, can u get them with a vernier?

the “length” of the seal is less critical, sometimes having the lip ride in a slightly different spot is good, shims can be used, even speedy-sleeves etc etc

I have a DG250 on my scrapheap, no one wanted it for free

(Phil.Dobson) #8

Give them a call…


I’m in New Zealand - couldn’t be further away.