DHC BD.9053 Head pillar chromes

I have discovered parts numbered BD.9053 - Head pillar chromes in the parts catalogue, which were not on my car when I dismantled it for restoration (140DHC). Nobody keeps these in stock, but I have some on back order with SNGB. I cannot find a photo or diagram of these in position - is anyone able to tell me where they go and how they fix?


Just taking a guess here, maybe they are something like the similarly named 120 parts 76 & 77 on the hood just to the rear of the door windows.

There is an illustration of BD.9053 in the Moss Motors catalog. It apparently looks like a L shaped part.
I looked at my DHC, and could find nothing which looks like the L shaped part depicted in the illustration.
Maybe the BD.9053 parts are missing from my car ? Or maybe they cannot be seen on an assembled car ?

Don’t think so Rob, those are beadings, I think, and are also listed in the 140 book. These parts are described in the 140 parts book supplement as ‘Chromium finishing plate over hood cloth of main head pillars’.
I’m pretty sure it’s part 26 in this diagram, one each side, but I can’t tell exactly where they go. They seem to be flat plates, with a right-angle flange.

Just to be clear, presumably the “ main head pillar” is synonymous with “B pillar” ?


I believe they are parts 95 and 96 in the diagram which mount on top of the b posts. Similar to flat chrome pieces mounted to the veneered wood pieces on the hood 93, 94, 97, 98. Hope this helps. John

We just crossed in the posting, Gary!
You are correct - that’s the diagram I just posted. I’m sure they should be visible, or why chrome plate them?

I don’t think so, Gary - I think the main head pillar is the rear upright part of the hood frame, that sits behind the door glass. So, same position as B-post in a fixed head car, but part of the hood frame in a drop head.
I don’t really see how they fit in as every piece of timber has its own, shaped, chrome end piece. These seem to be extras, to cover the hood material, but I don’t see where. Maybe it will become clearer once the hood is fitted next month. Hope the trimmer doesn’t need these while he’s fitting the hood, as I don’t have them!