Dicing E-Types at Goodwood

I checked and did not see that this had been posted, apologies if I missed it. But either way…WOW!


Some very masterful driving!

When I see car is driven at 10/10s like that, especially old crates like these, that gets my old racing juices going again!

Oh, but for a bag of money falling from the sky… :slight_smile:

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Finally I see someone, Huff, driving what I thought the line should be at the far end of the track, not that I would know…

Is the coupe better aero than a roadster with a hardtop?

At the speeds they’re going, it’s not a deciding parameter.

At the speeds they’re going, it’s not a deciding parameter.

A bigger question…is there a shot bag in #36 to keep the hood from drumming?

Good point!

At speed, with those open exhausts, that dad-blamed flapping would be really irritating.


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I wonder if I paint my discs orange will people think I’m going really fast? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Make sure to set the f stop at 5, and pan the camera fast!


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I intended to watch only a couple minutes of that… but…
Isn’t it absolutely fantastic the way these cars are balanced! And notice, NO sway as they power through the turns.
Couldn’t take my eyes off the race.

It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.
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The lack of suspension travel was noticeable: SERIOUS spring rates!

Those are carbon fiber rotors, right?

I’m gonna guess not. Iron rotors glow that red, too.

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Doubtful I would say they have to be better than standard but not F1 fare.

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No, they think you’re slowing down really quickly…

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Goodwood is not a fast track, a standard E-type with a 3.07 final drive would struggle and only get to use top gear at Lavant straight.

But I love watching those, hopefully we can be there in September again.


Yes! I did enjoy that race. I thought it amazing how they both got through traffic without loosing pace. Thanks for putting the video up Jim.

Truly, one of the best videos I’ve ever seen of how to race aggressively, gentlemanly, and cleanly.


Hi Paul,
One race I saw, the bonnet of an E Type came unlatched part way down a straight and opened to it’s full extent before being slammed back down, then immediately flying open to its full extent. This cycle continued until the car reached the end of the straight and slowed.

It just goes to show the aerodynamic lift contribution of the bonnet shape.


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Hot brake rotors!


No doubt: that, however, is not the entire picture.

Overall, and at the speeds these cars are going, the aerodynamic difference twixt the coupe and the roadster is essentially nil, wrt performance of the cars.

Almost all front-opening bonnet cars show that lift: Datsun Z cars were really bad at it!