Diesel fuel in gas engine...now code P1587

Help!!! Pump had wrong gas…diesel instead of Premium. Fuel system cleaned, new plugs, tank dropped n cleaned. Simple! No!!!
Now misfires…code P1587…
Mechanic says nothing to me. Car been there 6 weeks .omg.what did he do to my baby??(Victor)
Victor was working 100% fine till diesel put in…no driving…towed to shop. 115,000…good upkeep…
Dude doesn’t know Jags…said he did…Liar. What now? $$$ low

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I don’t really understand the electronics part of it but mechanically that’s not a really bad deal: you drain the diesel, you flush it with gasoline, and should be fine as for the problem with the electronics, others on here will be better suited to answer that question.

Is code P1587 the only code being reported? P1587 is a communication problem between the transmission and engine control computer. On the face of it, seemingly unrelated to the fuel issue.

Some possibilities:

  1. Does your mechanic have a code reader that reads Jaguar-specific codes? P1587 is a generic code that all cars (sold in the US) record. But there are many error codes that are specific to a manufacturer. A generic code reader, such as the kind found for under $100USD in car parts stores, likely will not be able to report on those codes. A Jaguar-specific reader can. A properly equipped mechanic’s shop should have a reader that can interpret Jaguar codes. If there’s a problem related to the incorrect fuel fill, it’s likely the Jaguar-specific codes will be the place where it’s reported.

  2. It’s possible that something else coincidentally has happened to cause a problem. If the car has been sitting for a long time without running - did the mechanic fully charge the battery and make sure it’s healthy? Even a small loss in battery voltage throws all kinds of weird issues - when the alternator on my S-type went bad, the transmission went into fail-safe mode and would not shift normally.

So one thing to try is to disconnect the battery for at least 15 minutes, verify it has a full charge and is healthy, then reconnect and see if it helps. Hopefully it’s just a coincidental problem.


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