Different Anti Lock Control units

Dear friends, can I replace a DAC10056 ABS controller with the older DAC5863 unit?
I habe a XJS 4.0 Convertible built 02/1994.
BR Florian

I am guessing No as the earlier unit is for Teves III abs and the later is Teves IV. Significant differences between the two so I would think the controller will not interchange.

I have a known good DAC10056 ABS controller from my 94 Donor Car.
PM me to let me know if you want it.
Steve 65o-455-111o

Dear Steve,

thank you for your info!

what does your control unit cost incl. shipping to Munich, Germany?


Are you still interested in the brake ECU?

Dear Stephen,
i’m not sure at the moment. It is very expensive, i think i wait for this repair.
Thank you very much for your offer!
BR Florian