Differential failure analysis

Now that the new differential is installed in the car, I decided to assess the damage on the old one.
When I bought the car it looked like it had not been driven for quite some time. And after the first couple of hundred kilometers seals started leaking.
Since there was some body and paint work to be done I left all of the initial work to my garage.
I suspected the differential would fail soon as they replaced the input shaft seal and there was no marking on the center nut. So the bearing pre load can’t have been correct. It did last about 15000km and then rapidly became very noisy.
What I have done so far is:
Drained the oil. As expected the drain plug was covered in a thick layer (about 10mm) of fine metal particles and the oil was all glittery.
Then I removed the back cover (the two big studs required a 30mm spanner with a very long extension to break loose).
Removed the stub axles.
Removed the bearing caps.
So far everything is looking reusable, the magnet in the drain plug seems to have kept the worst of the swarf from destroying the gears.

But now I am a bit stuck. I thought the cage should now just pull out. I have applied a lot of force but it doesn’t. Am I missing something?

I’ll post more pictures when I get to the input shaft bearings.


Jaguar special tool ‘CASE SPREADER’ was issued to the dealers a few decades ago but you can fabricate one if you want.

I never used one but it can be removed/installed without it.



Thanks for the link!
So did you just pry the cage out? Although I don’t really need this differential I don’t want to damage usable parts and maybe I’ll rebuild it as a power lock just to have a spare.

You can smack the ring gear with a big soft face hammer on alternating sides and walk it out enough to pry it out. Try not to damage the shims on each side of the carrier.

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I’ll give that a go

Got it out.
Now my (not so) long 32mm socket is a bit too short to undo the nut on the pinion. Good excuse to by a new one :rofl:
But I can already tell the bearing pre load is much too high (I’ll see if I can get a torque reading) and the bearings are shot.

This will have to wait till after Easter. The new socket has arrived and fits. But my impact wrench does not move the nut at all. I’ll have to come up with a way to hold there flange and undo the nut by hand.