Dim dash lights 62 mk 2

The dash lights are so dim at night, I may as well not bother. I replaced the original oil pressure gauge with an aftermarket pressure gauge with pressure tube, the light from this gauge is fabulous…what am I missing with this issue…besides the light!

I have a '63 Mk2. Two settings: dim and dimmer. Many have converted to LED lighting. Can be done for positive earth cars. Have a look in the archives, the E type guys have been quite active - the instruments and lighting are identical. I rarely drive at night so haven’t bothered. Paul

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There are quite a few led bulbs on e-bay , keep thinking about it but , maybe one day

Make sure all connections are good and free of corrosion/oxidation on the power and ground sides small amounts of resistance will cause a cumulative higher voltage drop which will cause dimmer lights

Walter the reproductive have NO Filter lens
Or in other words the green or blue tint!
It’s wonderful isn’t it!
You can try and take the others apart and drill them out or for the cheap money but the rest in repro there so cheap and keep the originals in storage
Here’s mine with no filters and led bulbs!

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The experience of I and others is not all LED’s are the same, and ebay is the source of much cr*p. I have fitted our car with LED’s almost throughout advised / sourced from www.classiccarleds.co.uk who after using my car as a test bed, offers full or partial kits / pos or neg - worldwide delivery at low cost also. The only lamps I have not replaced are speedo / tacho because of the hassle but when required I just flick on the ‘interior’ light (all LED) and all is revealed. The replacement for the H4 Halogen supplied are a revelation of low draw and great illumination – particularly helpful on these dreich autumn days as day driving lights.

I ordered a set of LED’s for my car several months ago. Like you, I did not have the patience to dismantle the dash to get to replace the speedo/tacho for the same reason. But the center gauges, interior, map, and glove box lights were easy to reach, and they make a world of difference. Well worth the effort

Walter the entire string of bulbs use the colts of 1 led bulb for the entire run!
Cool and less draw it’s a BIG plus!
Also if you want a green or blue tint just use a permemsnt market and color them

I agree Tigger , there is rubbish on e-bay but don’t forget , most retailers don’t make things , they buy it in too !
I got a Alloy rad a few years back , off e-bay for my MK2 , £130 inc post , it was well made , same one in the UK over £500 .
My T150 come with a oil pressure gage , but it did not have the pod it sits in , so looked on L.P.Williams web sight , then it was £50 , now they are £60 , I got one off e-bay for under £3 again inc post they are not the same but they do the same job , My first port of call if I need anything nowadays is e-bay , some of the parts I have got from so called specialists is cr*p !!
I did replace my side lights for new Jaguar one’s and I did try LED’s in them , thinking was the lens are plastic , so guess they go yellow from the heat , I did try a few , but the red indecator was never as bright as the standard bulb !