Dimax 185R 16 Radials

Back in September Mike Balch initiated a discussion about these tires, (Dimax 185R16), and I was wondering if anyone has had further actual experience with them. The speed rating of good, and the reviews are solid. Also wondering is anyoen with a 120 or 140 fitted with spats has had these foul with the locking mechanism. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving,

I’m considering using them as temps as the Michelin 600R16’s I want are on backorder until next year. Then keeping one as a spare tire.

I’m thinking of doing the same thing, but on our skirted 120s the width is critical, otherwise, the tires can rub on the fender skirt locking mechanism when cornering hard. The FHC’s skirt has been kicked off twice. Thanks,

Knight, Not to worry you don’t look good in skirts. I’d rather run radials than put the skirts on.

I’ve never seen your legs, but I SERIOUSLY doubt you’d look any better running in radials than you would running in skirts!!
There IS a reason men wear pants!! ;-}
Charles #677556

My legs are old and skinny but my radials are wide. The handling is much better and drifting corners at speed is reduced. My skirts can remain in the corner of the barn until I " tire " or die! Happy Thanksgiving all!

:-))) Steve, you have radials and the skirts,… if you get the right radials ! The Michelins, Avons, and Pirellis work fine,… Vereds are OK but its close. I hate to see you have to give up wearing skirts in public. Happy Thanksgiving !!

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Must just be me. I got Michelins originally and had to take them back for replacements after the first drive because they were too big for the rims ( egg shaped ) or poorly made. I had the dealer put on what he had in stock which were P215/70 R16 's. I just never put the skirts back on afterwards. I probably should look for them one of these days.

In my experience, the Avon Turbosteel 185R16 tire is the best for driving stability and passenger comfort.