Dimensions of the rear throttle shaft, 3.8 Series 1

Does anyone know the LENGTH of this shaft? I found a tri-carb setup and got a few pieces of the throttle shaft(s) but I think the similar piece I have is too short and wil need this fellow.

Just looking for the LENGTH of this part, thanks!

This is the one i have : i believe it’s not the same…

It clearly needs to be longer, but what confuses me is why this particular piece in my shop is so much shorter (it came with the 3.8 HD8 kit).

I was/am hoping someone with a 3.8 can simply measure theirs, and I could then simply extend this one with a piece of rod welded in. If I don’t get an answer I guess I’ll figure it out when the engine goes in the car soon, but I’d really like to not guess if anyone has a 3.8 and they would be so kind as to lift the bonnet and take a quick measurement?

Thanks - Ron


I’m sure some retiree will probably answer before me, but if you don’t have an answer before l get home from work this afternoon, I will measure mine for you.


I’ll also try to throw up a picture here if I can get it off my phone. No idea what the part you have comes from, but it’s not right for a 3.8 E-type setup. It needs to go all the way back to the firewall, where it sits in a bracket and is attached to the bellcrank.

Not retired yet, night time here. My 1962, all original. Paul

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I hadn’t even considered that possibility! :smile:

Here’s a photo that does a pretty good job of showing the entire assembly.

Very early 3.8 cars had a 3-piece throttle linkage. I believe what you have is one of those pieces. They are quite rare so perhaps contact someone like Dick Maury to see if he will trade for it.


Thanks everyone; what John days makes sense, I believe the early Series 1s has the three piece and I hadn’t thought of that possibility - thanks John!

Swapping definitely makes sense especially if someone else really needs this part before I modify it.

Dick Maury if you see this and need this part please advise otherwise I’ll give you a jingle.

Ron James

Thanks again for the photos and responses. Think we’ve got it figured out and hopefully I’ll be able to help someone who needs the part I have…