Disabling driveaway locking?

Drive-away locking operates correctly but driver door pull has stopped unlocking (passenger door still does).

Car is due inspection and I’d rather mess inside door in warm weather. Can X308 2001 MY have this feature disabled? Inspector may fail it for needing to press console manual unlock before opening door?

Dosen’t the door unlock by simply pulling the inside lever? My XJ40 and previous x300 did that and I’m fairly sure my XJR does, cant check that one as it is being fixed at present.

Pete, You mean when your in the car and want to get out, all door UNLUCK but the drivers door?
There is a solenoid for each door but from the inside there should be a hard cable for dead battery.
Unless you mean outside which is the spring and lever rod.

I mean none unlock from inside using drivers door. Car is new to me but it used to work after 2-3 pulls. Now you can’t get out without pressing the console unlock before taking the key out, or reaching across the cabin, as they all still do unlock from passenger door as they should. Someone has been in the door before but I’d rather not mess with latches, cables and microswitches in minus temps.

I thought I read here that the feature could be disabled? It’s a damn nuisance I first encountered on NYC rental cars decades ago. Car-jacking isn’t top of my worry list…

The ‘drive-away-locking’ can be enabled/disabled with PDU, WDS or IDS.
Go into SETUP AND CONFIGURATION. There will be a list of ‘programmable features’ available for your car.

Hit the ‘tick’ next to the feature to change the status.
DO YOU WISH TO SAVE THE CHANGES? Agree with the changes and exit the screen.

bobControlModuleProgramming.pdf (857.3 KB)

It’s the actual unlock rocker switch imho 98 percent
2 percent the relay

From pressing it 10 times more than the others the switch craps out

The connector can be loose from slamming the door but my money is on the drivers isolated switch

It’s not the plunger or handle because it opens from passenger side
In set up I didn’t think you could lock out one side?
Ahhh an x308…………Pete shall I say more.
Good luck either way!

Bob gave me gospel. Now just need to visit my local indie to lose my non-DIY virginity! Maybe buying a system would be cheaper by the second or third indie invoice? This is 308 VDP will see me out I think. What’s the cheapest system to be able to DIY this stuff?

It worked?
Good for you…howd you fix it.

It’s a long drive from MD to NewHampshire but if you and the Jag are ever up here skiing or whatever I’d be happy to hook your car up to my PDU. The PDU was w rather extravagant purchase keep it all to myself.

Nope. I may be obtuse sometimes, but this is your second ‘wrong end of the stick’ GTJ. I will visit my indie with Bob’s info in case he hasn’t already done this before himself. Unless, that is, somebody knows a sydtem for sale under, say, $250 that can do this kind of Jag-specific setup? Maybe Bob has extras?

I don’t put much stock in cars that aren’t up to par like the 300😀
Good luck though

The WDS is getting harder to find. Many were up for sale a dozen tears ago when the Ford dealers abandoned them for the IDS setup. WDS software support ended in 2006 as the IDS was taking off.

I bought a few WDS for about $400 but they are rare to find on eBay anymore. I have 3 PTUs but only one ‘docking-station’.

The IDS version needs a Rotunda VCM and 2 cables. One cable from the USB port on a laptop to the VCM and one cable from the VCM to the OBDII port on the car.

The Rotunda VCM was about $2300.00 new in the mid to late 2000s.
I have seen used ones for about $600 on up.
Land Rover used the VCM and the Jaguar shop borrowed it from Rover when ours broke.
I used to tell the Jaguar sales guys to get the customer to the Jag shop so I could select the configuration options that the customer wanted at PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection).

Not all options on the list I provided will work. We do NOT have things like DEAD LOCKING or SCANNING INTERIOR ALARM in the US.

Drive-away locking IS something that the US market has and can be disabled.

PDU is REALLY hard to find!!! The Jaguar dealer I worked at SCRAPPED it and would not allow anyone to buy it. (what a shame)

I have WDS and IDS software if you ever get a working one of either.

The Coventry Foundation has examples of everything I think but it’s 500 miles away.

If this url works would you expect it to work on a 2001 MY?


That looks like a ‘pass thru-device’ (J2534 Vehicle Communication Interface).
Jaguar approved of that type of interface in 2011 staring with SDD125.

SDD should revert to Legacy IDS (final version was DVD118.5) when the car is old enough that SDD will not recognize.

Really the SDD version DVD126 will be all that you need for an older car. There is NO advantage to having later software. IDS was the latest/greatest when the car was built and no updates from IDS119 onward (that was the beginning of SDD)

Here is some info about the J2534 VCI devices.

1-242NAS2_Jag_VCI.pdf (88.9 KB)


Embarrassed to ask Bob, and you do so much for us already, but does your answer mean it would be OK to buy that gizmo for a July 2000-built car? Would it start paying for itself by allowing me to cancel drive-away locking?

I don’t know anything about that exact device but I had a DrewTech Mongoose Pro many years ago and used it conjunction with my WDS. (I sold it and replaced with IDS and Rotunda VCM)

The cars I work on don’t require SDD and I left the dealer in 2006 right after IDS DVD102 was introduced so I know NOTHING about SDD.

When I used SDD version 130 it reverted to Legacy IDS for the X308 and X100 cars I worked on as well as the early X200 and X400.

The device claims it comes with SDD155 and that is WAY newer than anything you would need. I don’t even know if that version will revert to Legacy IDS?
You will need a version that will revert because SDD will not recognize the X308.

If you purchase it and it will not revert to IDS then I can send you a link to download an earlier version of SDD. I have SDD 125 to 131 updates and full versions.


Will ask vendor. Thanks Bob


I live in the Fort Worth area. As it sounds like disabling the auto lock feature might save some headaches down the road, I’m thinking about driving “up the road” for an office call. Could you deselect that feature while I wait, or is it a lengthy procedure? (2002 XJR)

PM sent. I am about 40+ miles NW of Forth Worth. (between Boyd and Decatur)


Thanks. I replied to your PM.