Disassembly of XK140 horn button assembly?

Hi all,

Trying to replace the horn button on my XK140 OTS. I’ve removed the assembly from the steering wheel and the outer surround (held in by three very small screws). But it looks like the button itself is held in by several brass tabs that are bent around the button itself. Before I begin disassembling the various fasteners would anyone here have suggestions on the correct way to remove/replace the button itself?


Well, yesterday I went ahead and worked my way through the process. It was a lot easier than I had thought. I was able to free up the button by simply carefully prying two of those brass tabs slightly loose which enabled me to remove the assembly and get access to remove the horn button. Only issue with reassembly was to make sure to match the slots in the outside frame that the horn button slips into with the holes for the three small screws that attach it all together (which I of course discovered when I did not do that and could not get the horn button assembly to fit inside that outside ring).