Disconnect fuel pump

Is there a way to electrically disconnect the fuel pump from somewhere convenient, like the engine bay, without having to crawl underneath? I’m shortly going to remove my intake manifold to fit the new studs I’ve made up, and my situation is that I have to get the car back into the garage at the end of the day if I don’t finish the job. I can move it back in on the starter in 1st gear, if need be. It’s too much for one person to push - I know, I’ve tried! But, I don’t want fuel pumping out all over the place!
I’m using a Cometic alloy gasket (also for the cam covers) - I assume these should be fitted dry?

This will also give me good access to fit the new stainless heater pipe and slightly reposition the hose which connects it to the water pump by adjusting the banjo to allow the hose to curve around below the distributor so it won’t be hindering access in the future. I may even fit my restored original radiator while I’m at it.

Hi Chris…worthwhile thinking about a bolt into your garage floor at the far end that you can attach a small hand winch to…very usefull for pulling the car back into the garage…Steve

That’s a good idea, Steve!

Find the white wire at the 5-way disconnect block on the right hand side of the scuttle. Pull it out if you can. Alternatively, you can disconnect it at the other end at the A3 terminal on the voltage regulator, but that’s harder to get to with the bonnet in the way.

Thanks, Rob. I think I’ll go for the A3 white wires, as I’ve had them off before. If I take them all off, will the starter still operate? Actually, I suppose it’s not that hard to disconnect at the pump itself.

No, one of those 3 whites on A3 goes to the ignition switch and on to the starter button, so it would not work with all 3 off.
BTW the third white goes to the coil.

Cheers, Rob - that is helpful!

What is the scuttle and where would that be located, trying to get our Jag running anddo not wantfuel leaking out in the garage

The scuttle is British English for what the Americans call the firewall.
The 5 way disconnect block is down below the wiper motor.
What are you trying to do, John? Describe in more detail and we can probably help you through it.

I want to disconnect the fuel pump so gas does not leak from the carbs like i found last night. I am trying to get the starter troublshot as i cahanged to a smaller gear reduction starter.my wife`s quit starting several years ago and took me thatlong to get starter out. Thank you for the assistance , it is greatly appeciated

Your white fuel pump wire should be down here at the 5-way connector block. Mine is running through the stiffener channel on the scuttle (firewall/bulkhead).

Thank you for the picture, I gave up for the night frustrated trying to trace starter solenoid wire with no luck

Simply activate the starter solenoid with a hand held remote switch. As long as the ignition is not on the fuel pump won’t function