Display has changed

My display has decided to change to negative, ie it is now a black screen with white script. How can I change it back to standard?

I’ll take a swing at helping you.

If it’s just the J-L site that’s in dark mode, there’s an option in your profile settings to “enable dark mode”. Uncheck the box to go back to normal viewing.

On the J-L site, to get to the interface options, click on your avatar at the upper right of your phone screen, then the bottom icon that looks like the head and shoulders of a person (what is that icon called?), then the gear icon, then scroll the selections options to the right until you see the “interface” menu. Click that and you’ve arrived. Whew!

If dark mode has been enabled by your browser settings, and you are in dark mode on all sites you visit, then the method to change it depends on which browser you’re using. You should be able to get an answer by googling “how to turn off dark mode in (browser name)”

If dark mode is turned on across most of your apps and your phone’s home screen, then changing that is in your phone settings which also depends on what OS you use (android or iPhone). If its android, then it may also depend on the manufacturer and even the carrier you have as features and settings are all inconsistent.

Most android phones have a search capability on the settings screen. Try searching for “dark” and see what turns up. On my phone (Samsung) it gets me immediately to the page where I can change that option.

If you have an iphone, then sorry, I can’t help you. I’ve never had one!

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Thank you Ken. It worked! I do not know how it happened. That’s why I’m a lifetime member of the IHC club - I Hate Computers.


I’m glad it worked! I spend every day writing software, so lots of computer time. My wife is a member of the IHC club for sure!

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