Display issues with Apple IPhones?

Or not… I still haven’t found the Classified Ad creation dialogue box, working from either Forum of Home pages. Is it invisible on Apple smartphones?


I haven’t go an IPhone, so I wouldn’t know. Do you see this menu item upper right:


That probably is the answer as it is not displayed on my iphone 6S either and I did notice when the site came live that there are differences because I couldn’t find the Button to upload pictures either and had to use a laptop running Mozilla.

I’ve just taken a look using Firefox and Lo it not there unless you go into the Forum Menu and find Desktop View and select that, then all is revealed!

My guess is (unproven) that this will be the case with all mobile Operating Systems, using a PC is probably the answer to avoiding Display issues.

Here’s what I see:

And here’s the drop-down menu upper part. (Rest is similar)

Here is the URL to the page: https://www.jag-lovers.com/?page_id=205

That should work as a temporary fix.

Classifieds etc. display OK on laptop.


With my android phone I have no problem if I open the link I posted above, or browse straight to www.jag-lovers.com, but when I am on forums.jag-lovers.com I don’t see the banner with “Forums JL Home etc”

Is this the same as on your iPhone?

The banner is visible on the laptop but not on the iPhone in portrait or landscape mode.

Ok, seems to be an issue with the phone interface. You can still browse straight to www.jag-lovers.com or to go straight to the classifieds: https://www.jag-lovers.com/?page_id=205

I think I’ve cracked it, since I found and selected Desktop View all is well on my iphone i.e. all the selections are there.

I just noticed by scrolling to the bottom that there is a button for Mobile View so you appear to be able to switch from one to the othet.

Try that Pete.