Distributer air filter

Hi Guys,
I am trying to find part DAC4062 which is a distributer air filter on my 1988 XJS V12 which would appear to be no longer obtainable, does anyone know of an alternative that can be used ?? Will appreciate any feedback.

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I use a lawnmower fuel filter. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but that’s what I use!




I have two Jaguar V12 cars that use this filter and never had a problem with finding them, but I live in the USA. Where is the world do you live (this is an international list) and where have you looked?
I just searched on eBay for “Jaguar DAC4062” and there were some available from USA sellers there. I have also purchased them from local Jaguar dealerships before. Have you checked there?


Hi Guys,

I am in South Africa however I will certainly look on e bay as I hope to make a trip to the UK soon, thanks again. Regards

Any simple air filter will work, like a lawnmower filter, just have to find one that fits the vacuum line.

I took the opportunity to buy a cool looking aluminum canister type.

I recommend that you try Jaguar Sandton to see if they have one. I have purchased them through local Jaguar dealership parts departments before although they were a bit pricey when compared to online or eBay prices.
I have been an eBay seller for over 10 years and I have sold used Jaguar parts to buyers in dozens of countries. It is sometimes a lot of extra work to do that and some eBay sellers won’t sell to international buyers. However, it is worth the effort to ask them if they would sell to international buyers.


thank you greatly appreciated

Any a dime for a dozen paper type fuel filter will do.