Distributor cap options for a Marelli system

I see WVE, Standard Motor Products, and Facet listed. All have aluminum not brass contacts. Material is phenolic or polypropylene. Looks like phenolic holds up to heat better and may be a better insulator. Polypropylene has better resistance to cracking.

Any preferences or long term satisfactory results with any of these caps? I will of course be using new wires, .025 gap plugs, and the silicone squirt.

Do they all have an aluminum sleeve surrounding the carbon contact in the center?

If you can find a way to replace the hold-down screws with nylon screws, that’d eliminate one of the common paths for a short to ground.

One of them does. the other two I can’t see from the pictures on Rock Auto. If I end up getting the one without will do your fix with the brass tube.

Forgot that one. Thanks.

Located a Chinese made distributor cap. Anyone familiar with?

What does that mean?

Probably the same as the fractured Japanese I recall being on a cap’s box, back in the 70s ( this is a direct quote): “The material of this cap is be a high quality and the lines you see are not a deffect, but are from the material comming into contact with some molds. The material has a high friticativeness and keep last long.”

I don’t know for sure but in the context I have a theory. About 15 years ago I wanted some high quality optical equipment, may have been Bausch and Lomb.
They had contracted with a Chinese company.
In anticipation of a contract extension that never came they were stuck with an inventory of discontinued product.
They removed all the Bausch and Lomb insignias, documentation.etc. I purchased $3000 equipment for $300.
Other possibilities are they bought Marelli production equipment, or simply made their own.
Metal in the pics appear to be brass. Caps are not stamped for cylinder and bank.

Interesting that the interior electrodes are machined per original in the photo instead of the blade shaped thing others have, but if any of the tons of other ‘yellow metal’ reproductions that we see today are any comparison they’re probably not brass. I’d also be pretty leary of that being a photo of the actual part you’ll receive…

I was leery of the apparent brass actually being anodized aluminum, I also noticed on the company store they sell distributor caps with rotors for other v12 engines.
Does the Marelli cap fit other engines but use a different rotor mated to a distributor different from the Jag?

There are some exotic Italian’s that use the same exact one… Those guys might have some other thoughts but I guess if you have a Ferrari $400 or more for an original Marelli ain’t so bad.

The yellow metal looks nice, as does the fact that the terminals appear to be machined rather than the standing rectangular bars of other aftermarket caps. Curious that the plug numbers were omitted.

However, what is clear is that there is no metal sleeve surrounding the carbon brush. Unless you’re up for the mod I came up with of drilling that hole out and epoxying in a sleeve made of brass tubing, I’d pass on this cap.