Distributor cap & rotor

Had a look at my original 73,000 mile black distributor cap and rotor. The contact points and tip of the rotor look a bit tired. Probably should change them. Many varieties from the usual suspects and internet. (and price differences) Some are aftermarket Facet, some Standard Motor Products and some even stated as Lucas but these also may be non original. Any experience or recommendations?

Go to rockauto and take your pick! In My experience they are all pretty much the same, probably quite a few are made in the same factory and reboxed …
I run a blue cap, not sure what make, might be standard motor but not sure!

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I have a completr blue cap distributor free for the cost of postage to anyone who wants it

I use fine grit sandpaper to clean up rotor contacts and scrape contacts in cap with a screwdriver, good as new.